5 years of Kid's Stuff [Trucs d'enfants] - Our favorite moments

Behind every successful brand, there is a wonderful team!

The Kid’s Stuff team has been ultra small for many years, and by ultra small we mean, 1 person!

Oh yes, for 4 years our founder and designer took care of EVERYTHING! Production, marketing, customer service, distribution, logistics, communication, design, finance ... 🤯 In short, she is a superwoman!

However, the business was starting to grow and she really wanted to focus on what she was most passionate about, including tailoring, design, etc. and she decided to look for a sidekick!

Welcome Daniela! She started working with Mary-Jo in 2018 to help her in the markets, because we often had 2 markets at the same time and although Mary-Jo is a superhero, she had not yet developed the superpower of be in 2 places at the same time.

Fast forward to 2020 when Daniela, who studied fashion marketing, was hired as the Marketing Coordinator for Kid’s Stuff! She now takes care of all marketing, social media, communication, wholesale sales in Quebec, etc. which means now, Kid’s Stuff has a dynamic duo behind it!

However, Mary-Jo had some help from an intern as well shortly before Daniela arrived! Sixtine has been an essential member of Kid’s Stuff for 6 months, and it's thanks to her that we have developed our collection for adults! She also participated in the design of the overalls for adults, which are named after her!

To learn more about the team click here

After introducing you to our wonderful team, here is a little “recap” of their favorite moments over the years:


  • First participation in One of a Kind with Sixtine
  • Meeting Noémie
  • Meeting Valary & Marjorie
  • Work dates with Daniela and all the food and coffee that comes with it hahaha
  • The little moments of happiness when you receive a web or wholesale order
  • The little moments of happiness when you receive a fabric order on time LOL


  • First Market: Pouces Pop 2018
  • Photoshoots
  • All the workdates / brunchs
  • Shopping for the new workshop supplies
  • When MJ taught her how to sew
  • Her internship 

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