5 years of Kid's Stuff [Trucs d'enfants] - Product Edition

A brand would be nothing without its products!

You may have guessed it… this week we are talking about the evolution of our products since 2016.

The colors, the style, the cut… everything has changed and evolved to better meet your needs and above all, to ensure the comfort of your little ones!

We keep in mind our mission to create simple and functional clothes that will make parents' lives easier, for each collection. And as you already know, all our clothes are scalable, unsexes and made from eco-responsible materials.

Collection 1 - 2016

Size 6-18 and 18-4 only. Pants, shirt and overalls only


Collection 2 - Spring 2017

Addition of the size 0-6 months following requests from customers Adding shorts


Collection 3 - Winter 2017

Added size 4-6 in the pants Addition of the newborn dress + mittens


Collection 4 - Spring 2018

Launch of the Sixtine overalls for adults Add t-shirt


Collection 5 - Winter 2018

Use of French terry for the first time, big success!


Collection 6 - Spring 2019

Colors inspired by a trip to Denmark & ​​Sweden


Collection 7 - Winter 2019

Fig & Succulent Color First photo shoot with photographer!


Collection 8 - Spring 2020

Push creativity and we create our own decor for a 2nd photo shoot in the studio with a photographer


Collection 9 - Winter 2020

Favorite collection, brings warmth and comfort in a time that is uncertain


Collection 10 - Spring 2021

Already the 10th !! We couldn't have a photoshoot because of lockdown, so all of our pics were taken by our wonderful brand reps with some props we sent them! Couldn't have asked for a better team! 


Collection 11- Winter 2021

Collection created during lockdown and inspired by pastries! 



What is your favorite Kid's Stuff [Trucs d'enfants] product? 

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