Points d'enfants

Points d'enfants is our loyalty program that allows you to obtain points that can be exchanged for discounts!
Start by signing up to our Points d'enfants program by clicking on the button at the bottom of your screen.
Get points with every online transaction and with simple actions like subscribing to our newsletter, liking our Facebook page and liking our Instagram account. 
One you have enough points, claim your reward! It will provid you with a code, use it at checkout to get your discount!


You can earn points by buying online AND in person at market! In order to do so, make sure you provide us with your email address at checkout ;) 

How to accumulate points? 

- 5 points per dollar spent online or in person at market and sales shows

- 25 points per visit to our onlie store

- 250 points by entering your birthday to your Points d'enfants profile

- 250 points by subscribing to our newsletter.

- 150 points by liking our Facebook page

- 150 points by following our Instagram account

- 500 points by leaving a review on Google (these points are entered manually, allow 2-3 days for them to appear in your Points d'enfants account).

How to use my points? 

- Claim 1000 points to get $5 off your next purchase

- Claim 1500 points to get $10 off your next purchase

- Claim 2000 points to get $15 off your next purchase

- Claim 2500 points to get $20 off your next purchase

You have questions about our points program? Reach out via our chat, Instagram/Facebook direct messages or by mail info @ trucsdenfants.com